Zen therapy

Letters to those who have deep questions about Zen therapy

Can’t you judge what’s right or wrong?

Do you continue to be swept away by the situation and the status quo?

Do you really need a “deep rest”?

​Through the passage of Zen therapy,  you’ve come all the way here, and you’re tired of the flood of information, and you want to relax with deep relaxation. And I’m sure there are people who are looking for a deep spiritual training method.

As the head of the Therapy & Healing Center, who has been training in yoga for more than 10 years, I would like to guide you to a deep understanding of gentrification.

I wrote down what Zen therapy is, what kind of help you give to trainees, and what kind of people you want to recommend to them in this one post. I’m sure it’ll help you a lot.

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젠 테라피의 자세한 정보는 런피플에서 확인해 보세요.

1. What is Zen Therapy?

Zen means “line.” It had the meaning of meditation, meditation, and stillness. The trainee who trains this has a direction to calm down the complex mind and to reach a certain level by unifying the mind.

Basically, Zen is the process of answering the question, “What is human?” The question is, “Who am I?It leads to, and to answer this question, we use either gastropods looking at ourselves or meditation, or Singing Ball meditation, which helps us quickly become deep relaxation. 

Why do we worry about useless things and get caught up in the situation right now? The answer to this starts with “What is an idea?” The idea is to reconstruct the information that many senses have accepted by a person called me. In other words, it’s more of a fantasy created by a person named “I,” not a substance. 

We need to take in the information itself before we think about it, in order to look at something properly. To do that, you have to stop thinking first. Here, Zen stops thinking about the trainee, and it has a great purpose.

If you train Zen, you don’t get swept away by any phenomena or useless worries. Because you can find a person named ‘I’. This will help you to exist only as me.

2. What Zen Therapy Gives to Trainees

When you train Zen, you’re no longer fooled. You may not be engulfed in overlaid illusions or other situations. Through pre-treatment, you can see through the illusion and face the true reality, not the situation. This is all because they found me.

When you see the Buddha meditating, how do you feel? Can you feel the small smile, the silence, and the tranquility? Jen’s trainee discovers deeper roots of anxiety, stress, and pain during the training process. Then, you gradually find your true self, “I,” and move on to a comfortable state. 

The day I was training in Nepal…

Recently, more and more people are experiencing stress or deep anxiety. It’s a natural step for so much noise to be heard in the busy modern world, and so many confusing things to keep coming. The experience of finding ‘me’ gives them a healing moment.

If you apply singing ball therapy together, you can focus on sound and vibration in 5 minutes and enter a deep relaxation state. When you reach a state of relaxation, enjoy a deep rest, and relax, you have an experience of being free from distracting thoughts, worries, and stress.

3. Can anyone really get help? 

I think Zen therapy is helpful for all modern people. I am confident that it will be of greater help to young people in particular. Because they accept so much information and live in so much anxiety and stress.

I want to present these young people with deep comfort, not just by reducing their symptoms, but by solving the fundamental root problems.

What do you think? Don’t you have a throbbing headache, sleepless nights with anxiety, or live under too much stress?

런피플 has a training program where you can learn Zen therapy.

Zen therapy will open up a new path for you. Why don’t we go on a trip together to find me?

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